Icefang Orbit

Icefang Orbit is a unique Iron Ring. This item is restricted to areas with the league flag for Blight active. There are additional ways to acquire league-restricted items, see League-specific items for more details.


Adds 1 to 4 Physical Damage to Attacks

+(20-30) to Dexterity

25% chance to Poison on Hit

(40-60)% increased Damage with Poison

You are Chilled when you are Poisoned

Non-Chilled Enemies you Poison are Chilled

Poisoned Enemies you Kill with Hits Shatter

Those members of the Brotherhood who employ the venom of Trarthan ice snakes must take great care with the volatile substance.

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[3.11] PF Poison Triple Rain of Arrow Kineticism |All bosses|All map mods|3-5M DPS