Hyaon's Fury

Hyaon's Fury can be created from the following recipes:Hyaon's Fury was created by supporter Hyaon.[citation needed]


40% increased Global Accuracy Rating

Adds 1 to (550-650) Lightning Damage

(7-10)% increased Attack Speed

1% increased Damage taken per Frenzy Charge

(15-20)% increased Lightning Damage per Frenzy Charge

20 Life gained on Kill per Frenzy Charge

Plays Wolf Call sound on Kill (Hidden)

"Hyaon the 'Red Wolf'Howling madCloaked in bloodA banner to his legionA terror to his foes."- Garivaldi, Chronicler to the Empire

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Popular Builds

Vigilant Juggernaut with Hyaon's Fury + Elemental Overload