Hrimnor's Resolve

READ MOREHrimnor's Resolve is a unique Samnite Helmet.


(30-40)% increased Fire Damage

(100-120)% increased Armour

+(50-70) to maximum Life

+30% to Cold Resistance

Cannot be Chilled or Frozen if you have used a Fire Skill Recently

Hrimnor's presence was as cold as ice,but his heart burned for vengeance.

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Popular Builds

Freezer Burn: AB AoF MoM EO

[3.0] Freezer Burn - AB AoF MoM EO, Cheap, Fun, Screw the Meta

[3.0] Firestorm Leech Tank Elementalist - Melt Your Way Through

[3.0] PewPewPews Official Firestorm Build - SSF/Atziri

[3.0] 3-Curse Self-Cast Flameblast

[3.0] Spellomancer, Facetank 95%, clear 99.9% of the game with ease, Max Block.

[3.3] HoWAbout Molten Strike Occultist - T16/Shaper/UberElder

[3.1] COMK IS BACK! Sundering Volcanos!

[3.1] Arcane's Name of The Fire - Molten Strike Slayer

[3.1] Explosive Arrow Slayer (Shaper-Capable)