Hallowed Ground

The map uses the Crypt tile set.[1] A stretch of empty rooms separated by short corridors leads to a central area with the main boss, Maker of Mires. It is immune to damage until the other four occupants of the map are eliminated. The central area splits into four different directions which end in separate areas in which to fight the lesser bosses. The map contains no other monsters except for the five bosses. The volume of the music increases as a warning when you approach any of the bosses. Maker of Mires, based on Brutus, Lord Incarcerator.


Monster Level: (73-79)

Unique Boss drops 3 additional Maps

Unique Boss gives 2000% increased Experience

0.5 Flask Charges recovered every 3 seconds

Some dead have long envied the living.When given the chance, they take from us what they can.So we offer our suffrage.In return, they give only suffering.

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