Hall of Grandmasters

Instead of containing randomly spawned monsters as in most other maps, the Hall of Grandmasters includes other exiles based on characters of players who purchased a Grandmaster supporter pack. The map consists of a foyer with several large doorways. Between each door is a hall of 50 grandmasters, separated by forcefields so you fight waves of 5 at a time. Currently there are 4 halls (Hall of the Heroes, Hall of the Eternal, Hall of the Fallen, and Hall of the Twisted), making 200 Grandmasters or 40 waves in the map. The waves are randomly[1] organised by approximate difficulty and get progressively harder.


Contains the Immortalised Grandmasters

PvP damage scaling in effect

The grandest and greatest ever to fight,Divine the champions stand tall.But match their power, best their might,And even the immortal may fall.

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