The (span class="tc -mod")Nearby Enemies Killed by anyone count as being Killed by you instead(/span) modifier causes Minions, Party members, Allies (e.g. Einhar), and other friendly entities to attribute their kills to you, letting you fully benefit from modifiers that require Kills. This includes Mines, and Traps. Unconfirmed if it also works on Mirages, or Totems. The radius of this effect is 40 units.[1] Equipping this item onto an Animate Guardian while the player has Chains of Command may be possible to better automate Animate Weapon spawning. Similarly, players can equip this glove to automate the spawning of Raise Spiders from Arakaali's Fang or Herald of Purity Sentinels.


(100-150)% increased Armour and Evasion

+(19-29)% to Chaos Resistance

Gain (15-25) Life per Enemy Killed

Nearby Enemies Killed by anyone count as being Killed by you instead

Try as you like to hide theblood on your hands. You'llstill know the truth.

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