Garb of the Ephemeral

Divinity: You are larger, deal more Elemental Damage, take less Elemental Damage and are immune to Curses. Divinity is granted upon reaching 10 Divine Charges. Divine Charge - You do not gain Divine Charges while Divinity is active on you. You can gain maximum of 1 charge per second. Once the maximum number of divine charges is gained, Divinity is granted for 10 seconds. Divine charges cannot be gained during Divinity. Garb of the Ephemeral is the only source of divine charges.


(One to three random Synthesis implicit modifiers)

(180-230)% increased Energy Shield

+600 Strength and Intelligence Requirement

Gain a Divine Charge on Hit

+10 to maximum Divine Charges

You gain Divinity for 10 seconds on reaching maximum Divine Charges

Lose all Divine Charges when you gain Divinity

Nearby 5.0m radius Allies' Action Speed cannot be modified to below Base Value

Nearby 6.0m radius Enemies cannot deal Critical Strikes

Exceptional men and women of strong will can flicker a spark,but something much greater is needed to unleash the wildfire of true divine flames.

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