Fleshcrafter is a unique Necromancer Silks. Minions Convert 2% of their Maximum Life to Maximum EnergyShield per 1% Chaos Resistance they have. Since Chaos Golem has a base 60% chaos resistance,[1] Fleshcrafter will convert 100% life of Chaos Golem to Energy Shield, thus the golem will die immediately after summoning. Also, if the player stack minion chaos resistance to 50% or above, the mod also convert 100% life of the minions to energy shield, thus the minions would also die immediately. It is recommanded that not using this item OR not stacking too much minion chaos resistance if using this item.


(100-150)% increased Energy Shield

Minions Convert 2% of their Maximum Life to Maximum Energy

Shield per 1% Chaos Resistance they have

Chaos Damage does not bypass Minions' Energy Shield

Minions have (50-100)% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge

While Minions have Energy Shield, their Hits Ignore Monster Elemental Resistances

Imbue the body with stolen spirit, hold the leash tight.

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