First Snow

It can be acquired by trading with existing owners of this jewel in the permanent leagues.


(7-10)% increased Projectile Damage

With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Freezing Pulse fires 2 additional Projectiles

With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, 25% increased Freezing Pulse Damage if

you've Shattered an Enemy Recently

Cadiro watched young Chitus play in the frostbitten grass, care-free, happy, and unburdened by the responsibility the Perandus scion would soon endure.

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Price in Leagues



Popular Builds

[3.3] WINDS OF WINTER: Low Life Freezing Pulse Occultist

[3.1] Freezing Pulse - Elementalist - Pen Stack - Guardian/Shaper/Uber

[3.0] Life MoM Dual Wield Crit Freezing Pulse by Paige

[3.0] Hybrid firestorm, Occultist, 4 curses, 75/75 block, Xirgil's Crank

[3.1] The Snowblind Cospri CoC Assassin - Projectile based CoC || (3.1 Viable, more updates coming)

[3.2] Abyssal GC Miner by Zoroan