Fated End

Fated End can rarely became an alternative reward in the Curio Display in the final reward room of Enchanted Armaments Blueprints e.g. Bunker, Records Office and Mansion. (span class="tc -mod")Non-Aura Hexes expire upon reaching (180-220)% of base Effect(/span) takes into account all modifiers to curse effect that apply to the curse, not just the increased effect from (span class="tc -mod")Non-Aura Hexes gain 20% increased Effect per second(/span). Thus a curse with less effect or reduced effect will take longer to reach the required fraction of base effect to expire, while curses that have a high enough curse effect modifier from other sources will expire immediately. This modifier is actually comprised of two modifiers; one with a fixed effect of 200% and another with a variable effect of -20% to 20%. This can only be viewed in advanced mod description mod by pressing Alt button in PC (the keybind is different in controller).


+(20-30) to maximum Mana

+(20-40) to Intelligence

Curse Skills have (8-12)% increased Cast Speed

Non-Aura Hexes gain 20% increased Effect per second

Non-Aura Hexes expire upon reaching (180-220)% of base Effect

All roads lead to that destined doom.

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