Fated End

Fated End can be obtained from Curio Displays in the final reward rooms of any Grand Heist. (span class="tc -mod")Non-Aura Hexes expire upon reaching (180-220)% of base Effect(/span) takes into account all modifiers to curse effect that apply to the curse, not just the increased effect from (span class="tc -mod")Non-Aura Hexes gain 20% increased Effect per second(/span). Thus a curse with less effect or reduced effect will take longer to reach the required fraction of base effect to expire, while curses that have a high enough curse effect modifier from other sources will expire immediately. This modifier is actually comprised of two modifiers; one with a fixed effect of 200% and another with a variable effect of -20% to 20%. This can only be viewed in advanced mod description mod by pressing Alt button in PC (the keybind is different in controller).


+(20-30) to maximum Mana

+(20-40) to Intelligence

Curse Skills have (8-12)% increased Cast Speed

Non-Aura Hexes gain 20% increased Effect per second

Non-Aura Hexes expire upon reaching (180-220)% of base Effect

All roads lead to that destined doom.

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