Expedition's End

(span class="tc -mod")All Damage can Freeze(/span): This mod allows non-cold damage to be able to contribute to freeze; it does not grant any chance to freeze itself. This mod allows builds using Avatar of Fire or Original Sin to be able to freeze despite not being able to deal cold damage. (span class="tc -mod")Nearby Enemies are Chilled(/span): This item causes all enemies within a distance of 30 units to be Chilled at 10% effect. This chill is granted by the item and does not scale with the player's effect of chill or cold ailments. Chilling an enemy this way does not count as applying a chill.


(100-150)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield

(5-10)% increased maximum Life

All Damage can Freeze

Freeze Chilled Enemies as though dealing (50-100)% more Damage

Nearby Enemies are Chilled

He may have returned from the frozen southern reaches, but that doesn't mean he ever truly escaped them.

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