Essence Worm

Essence Worm's 80% reduced Reservation Efficiency of Skills mod affects the reservation of other skills which reserve mana or life, such as aura, banner, herald, stance, aspect skills, Spellslinger etc. This mod is additive to other increased/reduced reservation efficiency modifiers from item mods and passive skills. This modifier is also independent from the other two modifiers of the ring. Regardless of whether there is a socketed gem or not in this ring, the reservation is increased once this ring is equipped. Note that under one Essence Worm:


Has 1 Socket

+2 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems

Socketed Gems have no Reservation

Your Blessing Skills are Disabled

80% reduced Reservation Efficiency of Skills

"This thing is not a pet. It is a parasite that feeds on the very will of its host.Like any part of nightmare, it has found a way to make its price... acceptable."- Malachai the Soulless

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