Echoes of Creation

Damage taken from this item is considered secondary damage. The amount of damage taken from this effect is affected by physical damage reduction, such as from armour or endurance charges, as well as modifiers to damage taken, such as from Fortify or Oro's Sacrifice, including flat reductions to damage taken. The damage is taken as one large hit, scaling additively with more warcries performed before attacking. The damage is taken upon declaring the attack, not performing it, so it is possible to take the damage and either cancel the attack via a movement command, or, lacking sufficient mitigation, die to the self damage before the attack goes off. It cannot be blocked or evaded, similar to Boneshatter's self damage. Using Echoes of Creation with Chaos Inoculation will cause you to take a mere 1 damage when you attack, no matter how many warcries are used, since the item only considers maximum life and rounds up - this can be a way to avoid the downside without having actual physical damage mitigation.


Socketed Warcry Skills have +1 Cooldown Use

(80-120)% increased Armour

+(50-70) to maximum Life

When you Attack, take (15-20)% of Life as Physical Damage for

each Warcry Exerting the Attack

Skills deal (10-15)% more Damage for each Warcry Exerting them

A cacophony of battle criesReverberate through time and spaceInflicting pain beyond measure

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