Dyadus is a unique Infernal Axe. The guaranteed chill only slows enemies by 10%.


Adds (255-285) to (300-330) Fire Damage in Main Hand

Adds (255-285) to (300-330) Cold Damage in Off Hand

(10-15)% increased Attack Speed

25% chance to Ignite when in Main Hand

100% increased Damage with Ignite inflicted on Chilled Enemies

Chill Enemies for 1 second on Hit with this Weapon when in Off Hand

Born of love, forged in bloodHe burned as a torch in the blackest nightShe shone as ice in the winter sunProudly, fiercelyAt their mother's side, forever.

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Popular Builds

[Chieftain]The Magmaquaker

Dyadus Firequaker

[3.2] Chain-Prolif Elementalist

[3.1] Spirit Offering Righteous Fire

[3.2] Explosive Scorching Ray Elementalist (and Friends)

[3.3] Fourmulaic Summoner - Skeletons + Spectres/Flame Golems

[3.0] Spectral Gods: Lasers! (Spectre Clear Speed Focused)

[3.1] Inferno Sprinkler Knight: Face melting dps.

[3.2] Wormblaster the Fifth - Flameblast / Herald of Ash Slayer - Uber Elder down

[3.2] PartyJesus: Running ALL the Auras without Shav's


[3.4] Living Saint: Tanky Aurabot