Dreamfeather has legacy variants. Using a Divine Orb can reroll the value of the explicit accuracy mod to the range that were introduced in version 3.7.0. For example, variants dropped before version 2.6.0 can have the legacy accuracy implicit (span class="text-color -mod")18% increased Global Accuracy Rating(/span) but have the value of explicit accuracy mod in the range of current variant.


+475 to Accuracy Rating

Adds (30-50) to (65-80) Physical Damage

(20-25)% increased Attack Speed

+(180-200) to Evasion Rating

3% increased Movement Speed

+(280-300) to Accuracy Rating

1% increased Attack Damage per 450 Evasion Rating

She dances a dance beneath the shade,The twilight shroud her only blade,Who now hears her feathersteps flowing?Beneath the stars, the moondrops glowing.

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