Doryani's Fist

Doryani's Fist grants level 20 Doryani's Touch. Doryani's Touch will be supported by any applicable support gems socketed into Doryani's Fist; it is not necessary to have the sockets be linked together.[1] Doryani's Fist can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.


Grants Level 20 Doryani's Touch Skill

+(80-100) to maximum Energy Shield

30% chance to Shock

Adds (150-225) to (525-600) Lightning Damage to Unarmed Melee Hits

Adds (90-135) to (315-360) Lightning Damage to Spells while Unarmed

+(200-250) Energy Shield gained on Killing a Shocked Enemy

30% increased Effect of Lightning Ailments

Doryani's ingenuity raised the Vaal Empire to unprecedented heights. His curiosity reduced it to ruins and bones.

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Popular Builds

[3.2] The Dancing Mystic - Chaos Degen Summoner

[3.0] Dancing Dominatrix - The Dancing Dervish / DB Melee Necromancer

[3.1] The Dancing Ancestral Fister - Doryani's Fist/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage/Ancestral Totems (4)

[3.1] The Dancing Baron - The Baron/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage/SRS Summoner

[3.2] Bloodrocuter [CoC Electric Cyclon Assassin]