Doryani's Delusion

READ MOREDoryani's Delusion is a pair of unique Titan Greaves. There are 9 possible combinations of the mods by selecting options in Doryani's Machinarium. Specifically, players can choose Purity of Fire or Purity of Ice or Purity of Lightning skill, plus Cold or Fire or Lightning Damage.


(100-120)% increased Armour

+(60-70) to maximum Life

30% increased Movement Speed

(One Purity of # mod of one element and One Added # damage mod of one element)Adds (25-30) to (40-45) Cold Damage to Spells and AttacksAdds (25-30) to (40-45) Fire Damage to Spells and AttacksAdds (1-3) to (68-72) Lightning Damage to Spells and AttacksGrants Level 25 Purity of Fire SkillGrants Level 25 Purity of Ice SkillGrants Level 25 Purity of Lightning Skill

"Every day we choose safety or knowledge. Live and stagnate, or risk death for truth.I would rather see the end of the Vaal than help it tread water."- Doryani, Queen's Thaumaturgist

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