Divinarius can be created from the following recipes:Divinarius has legacy variants. Those that existed before the final character and stash reset at the start of Open Beta are not listed.


30% increased Global Critical Strike Chance

(150-200)% increased Spell Damage

Gain (100-200) Life per Enemy Killed

Gain (50-100) Mana per Enemy Killed

30% increased Area of Effect

(200-250)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells if you've Killed Recently

+(60-100)% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells if you haven't Killed Recently

Divine intervention feels betterwhen you do it yourself.

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Popular Builds

One SAVAGE Blade Vortex leecher

The Righteous Flicker Shell build

[3.0] SC Shatter Machine

[3.1] amstafff's 'How to clear 157/157 maps' crit Frostbolt

[3.0] Glacial Cascade Shocker - 100% Fire Conversion - MoM/VP/Acro

[3.1] The Laserbeam! Crit Ball Lightning build - Clearspeed & Bosskills!

[3.1] CwC Tendrils/Glacial Cascade by Paige - T15+

[3.0] Storm Burst - Dasher / Hiero - EB - MoM

[3.0] The Gatling Storm Burster - MOM Crit Life

[3.0] Glacial Cascade Totem Inquisitor.

[3.2] Abyssal GC Miner by Zoroan

[3.4]Dual Curse Crit-Based Blade Vortex