Dialla's Malefaction

Some further details on what needs to be done can be found on Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list/Automatic upgraded from and issues can be posted on the talk page. Dialla's Malefaction is a unique Sage's Robe.[1]


Gems can be Socketed in this Item ignoring Socket Colour

Gems Socketed in Red Sockets have +1 to Level

Gems Socketed in Green Sockets have +10% to Quality

Gems Socketed in Blue Sockets gain 25% increased Experience

Has no Attribute Requirements

He took me by my hand, promised me power beyond compare.But i did not do it for power.I did it for love.And I'd do it again in an instant.

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[3.2] Adambjjoz's Wings of Entropy & Bringer of Rain Sunder Slayer - Uberlab & Red Maps