Cyclopean Coil

This item can be acquired from the following monsters:ru:Обод гиганта


+(25-40) to maximum Life

+(60-80) to maximum Life

(5-15)% increased Attributes

Cannot be Frozen if Dexterity is higher than Intelligence

Cannot be Ignited if Strength is higher than Dexterity

Cannot be Shocked if Intelligence is higher than Strength

1% increased Damage per 5 of your lowest Attribute

With the patience of a prowling lion,the Shade watched the Scholar.

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Popular Builds

[3.3] HoWAbout Molten Strike Occultist - T16/Shaper/UberElder

[3.1] Inferno Sprinkler Knight: Face melting dps.

[3.3] Leech-based RF+Obliteration Slayer

[3.1] Titan [Tank, HC, Melee CI, All map mods] Shaper/Guardians/Uber

[3.0] CI Quad Icestorm Totems

[3.4] Pure Uniques Molten Strike HOWA

[3.4] The Blinding Blizzard - Whispering Ice CI Elequisitor

[3.4] Asymat's "CycloPoet's PenFinder"