Cybil's Paw

Cybil's Paw is a unique Thresher Claw. This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:


+25 Life gained for each Enemy hit by Attacks

(8-12)% increased Cast Speed

+(30-40) to maximum Mana

+(5-8) Life gained for each Enemy hit by your Spells

8% increased Spell Damage per 5% Chance to Block Attack Damage

Tread lightly, lest their vigil find you.Speak softly, lest their reason fend you.Cut gently, lest their spirit haunt you.

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Hardcore Betrayal






Popular Builds

RF Self Cast Discharge

[3.0] PewPewPews Official Firestorm Build - SSF/Atziri

[3.0] Spellomancer, Facetank 95%, clear 99.9% of the game with ease, Max Block.

[3.3] The Enchantress - Disintegrator Cast On Ignite Triple Herald Elementalist

[3.1] Harest's Crit / Non-Crit MoM Lightning Tendrils