Cowl of the Ceraunophile

Cowl of the Ceraunophile can be anointed by Sister Cassia or in the Blight Stash Tab. (span class="tc -mod")Can have a second Enchantment Modifier(/span): This modifier allows up to two anointment to be applied. Copies in permanent leagues from before version 3.23.0 can have a combination of two anointments, two labyrinth enchantments, or one of each. Adding a new enchantment replaces one of the existing enchantments at random. Both enchantments are retained if the item is bricked into a rare Solaris Circlet, allowing the use of a Tainted Mythic Orb to have a chance to become a double-enchanted Wilma's Requital, Flamesight, Galesight, or Thundersight.


Can have a second Enchantment Modifier

+(20-30) to all Attributes

(60-80)% increased Energy Shield

(55-50)% reduced Fire Resistance

(55-50)% reduced Cold Resistance

Lightning Resistance is 75%

The villagers seared the blight with lightning, but it only forked into countless tendrils.

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