Chains of Command

Unlike Animate Weapon, Animate Guardian's Weapon lasts for a base duration of 20 seconds. If your Guardian kills multiple enemies at once, only one Guardian's Weapon spawns, as it has a 0.05 second cooldown. The modifier (span class="tc -mod")You cannot have non-Animated Minions(/span) restricts the player to only being able to have the following minions: Animate Guardian, Animate Weapon, Animate Guardian's Weapon, and Manifest Dancing Dervishes from The Dancing Dervish and The Dancing Duo. Players are prevented from using or otherwise triggering skills which would summon a (span class="tc -mod")non-Animated(/span) minion. Summoning a (span class="tc -mod")non-Animated(/span) minion with Chains of Command unequipped, then equipping Chains of Command will cause (span class="tc -mod")non-Animated(/span) minions to be desummoned.


Trigger Level 20 Animate Guardian's Weapon when Animated Guardian Kills an Enemy

10% chance to Trigger Level 18 Animate Guardian's Weapon when Animated Weapon Kills an Enemy

(150-190)% increased Armour and Energy Shield

+(60-90) to maximum Life

Animated Guardian deals 5% increased Damage per Animated Weapon

Animated Minions' Melee Attacks deal Splash Damage to surrounding targets

Animated Minions' Melee Attacks deal 50% less Damage to surrounding targets

You cannot have non-Animated Minions

A general may carry his men to greatness, or be dragged beneath the mire by their burden.

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