Chains of Command

Unlike Animate Weapon, Animate Guardian's Weapon lasts a base duration of 20 seconds. It has 0.05 second cooldown, therefore if your Guardian kills multiple enemies at once, only one Guardian's Weapon spawns. The modifier (span class="tc -mod")You cannot have non-Animated Minions(/span) restricts the player to having the following minions: Animate Guardian, Animate Weapon, Animate Guardian's Weapon, and Module Error: No skills found with q_where = skill.active_skill_name="Manifest Dancing Dervish" from The Dancing Dervish and The Dancing Duo unique weapons. Players are prevented from using or otherwise triggering skills which would summon a (span class="tc -mod")non-Animated(/span) minion. Summoning a (span class="tc -mod")non-Animated(/span) minion with Chains of Command unequipped, then equipping Chains of Command will cause (span class="tc -mod")non-Animated(/span) minions to be desummoned.


Trigger Level 20 Animate Guardian's Weapon when Animated Guardian Kills an Enemy

10% chance to Trigger Level 18 Animate Guardian's Weapon when Animated Weapon Kills an Enemy

(150-190)% increased Armour and Energy Shield

+(60-90) to maximum Life

Animated Guardian deals 5% increased Damage per Animated Weapon

Animated Minions' Melee Attacks deal Splash Damage to surrounding targets

Animated Minions' Melee Attacks deal 50% less Damage to surrounding targets

You cannot have non-Animated Minions

A general may carry his men to greatness, or be dragged beneath the mire by their burden.

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