Brinerot Mark

A system has been added that will automatically add divination cards and other items to the item acquisition sections where appropriate. Entries added by this system will be shown as automatic in the item acquisition section. Some pages will need to be updated to include upgraded_from_disabled=true if they are not eligible for the system.


Has 1 Socket

25% increased Effect of Buffs granted by Socketed Golem Skills

Socketed Golem Skills gain 20% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield

+3 to Level of Socketed Golem Gems

(20-25)% increased Spell Damage

+(15-25) to maximum Energy Shield

+(20-40)% to Lightning Resistance

Each time, it is granted to the most senior captain of the fleet,and each time, the ring soon washes ashore once more, still wrapped around a severed finger.

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