Bloodgrip can be created from the following recipes:Bloodgrip has legacy variants.


Regenerate (1.2-1.6)% of Life per second

Adds 10 to 20 Physical Damage to Attacks

+(60-70) to maximum Life

Regenerate (16-24) Life per second

100% increased Life Recovery from Flasks

Moving while Bleeding doesn't cause you to take extra Damage

Combat is simple.Keep your blood in.Take theirs out.

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Hardcore Necropolis




Popular Builds

Playing a spider.

[3.0] Spectral Gods: Lasers! (Spectre Clear Speed Focused)

[3.1] A Simple Cleaver (Beginner friendly, SSF-viable, Much Explanation)

[3.2] Phys Spec Throw Gladiator [SHAPER DOWN!]

[3.1] TRICKSTER Scorching Ray + Righteous Fire MoM

[3.2] The Flickster - Kitava's Feast Trickster Flicker