Bino's Kitchen Knife

The spreading poison and regeneration are both based on the default Poison duration, not the skill's poison duration, so it'll be a base of two seconds regardless of the skill used.[1] The spreading poison is not a true proliferation, and is thus not scaled by increases or reductions to area of effect.[2][3]


30% increased Global Critical Strike Chance

30% increased Damage over Time

Adds (50-60) to (120-140) Physical Damage

(40-50)% increased Critical Strike Chance

+(15-25)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

+(8-12)% to Chaos Resistance

On Killing a Poisoned Enemy, nearby Enemies are Poisoned

and nearby Allies Regenerate 200 Life per second

Calling it poison would implythat it was even edible.

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Popular Builds

[3.0] CI Death Aura (Occultist)

[3.2] Sovyn's Lazy Pally - Tanky Templar with Max Block