Beltimber Blade

The (span class="tc -mod")Far Shot(/span) mod has the same effect as the Far Shot modifier from Far Shot Ascendancy passive skill. Taking the passive in addition to equipping this item would not have even more damage since player can only have one copy of Far Shot modifier. However, if having Beltimber Blade and Far Shot Ascendancy passive skill, the passive also granted (span class="tc -mod")projectile barrages have no spread(/span) which may have additional benefit to the player character. Phase Run is a very convenient way of activating the additional projectiles mod on this item, due to both being Instant (and thus performable during other skills), and having a small enough cooldown for permanent uptime.


+475 to Accuracy Rating

(185-215)% increased Physical Damage

(15-20)% increased Attack Speed

80% increased Evasion Rating while moving

Skills fire 2 additional Projectiles if you've used a Movement Skill Recently

Far Shot

By wind and wing they are carried,Their fates not theirs to control,Yet the fates of others dragged in their wake.

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