Augmented Distant Memory

Augmented Distant Memory is a unique Courthouse Map. The map use the same tileset as the base item Courthouse Map, which itself use the tileset of The Torched Courts . The map area is rectangular in shape. There are bookshelf to divide the map into sub-sections. Some burnt bookshelf can be teleport through using Blink Arrow or Lightning Warp or other similar movement skills. The map has a blue wall as boundaries which is typical in Synthesis-themed map. There are a few "holes" in the centres of the map area which wrapped by the same blue wall.


100% increased Experience gain

Monster Level: 80

Map has (3-5) additional random Modifiers

Map has (2-4) additional Synthesis Global Modifiers

What had seemed sacred and infallibleso quickly became flawed out of necessity.Created from compromises. Vulnerable to mortal whims.

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