Asenath's Gentle Touch

Asenath's Gentle Touch inflicts a level 10 Temporal Chains on enemies on hit.[1] Because this applies only to enemies, damage done to yourself either through reflect or Scold's Bridle will not apply the curse to yourself. Corrupting the gloves may grant one of the vaal implicit modifers (span class="text-color -mod")Curse Enemies with Level (10–12) xxx on Hit (/span) in order to dual curse the enemy on hit. However, the player must find a way to increase the curse limit, such as Whispers of Doom or Cospri's Will. If the character's curse limit is the default of 1, the implicit curse is applied second and therefore takes priority.


+(20-30) to Intelligence

+(60-80) to maximum Life

+(60-80) to maximum Mana

Curse Enemies with Level 10 Temporal Chains on Hit

Non-Aura Curses you inflict are not removed from Dying Enemies

Enemies near Corpses affected by your Curses are Blinded

Enemies killed near Corpses affected by your Curses explode, dealing

3% of their Life as Physical Damage

Cool the head and cool the blade.

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