Ancestral Vision

Modifiers that grant spell suppression conditionally also grant ailment avoidance conditionally. Ancestral Vision has been tested with a source of spell suppression, no other sources of avoid ailments, and Acrobatics. A chance to avoid ignite, chill, shock, and freeze could be seen on the character sheet. This means Ancestral Vision is currently compatible with Acrobatics. Note that since both dodge and the chance to avoid ailments from Ancestral Vision are equal to half the initial spell suppression chance, reaching the character cap of 75% Chance to Dodge Spell Hits would also give exactly 75% Chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments.


+(5-10) to Dexterity

Modifiers to Chance to Suppress Spell Damage also apply to Chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments at 50% of their Value

The spirits of our ancestors guided us from the Archipelago to the continent.Inextricably, the purity of our souls is linked to the ones who came before us.

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