Presence of Chayula

Consider helping out the community effort of getting The Fall of Oriath content to the wiki. All edits are appreciated! See Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list and Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list/3.0.0 for an overview of things that need to be done. Presence of Chayula is a unique Onyx Amulet. Vendor: 15 Alchemy Shards, 10 Splinter of Chayulas Presence of Chayula's unique modifier (span class="text-color -mod")% of Maximum Life Converted to Energy Shield(/span) behaves similarly to damage conversion. Base life, including (span class="text-color -mod")+x to maximum Life(/span) modifiers from items, strength, and passives, is first converted to energy shield, and then (span class="text-color -mod")% increased maximum Life(/span) and (span class="text-color -mod")% increased maximum Energy Shield(/span) modifiers are combined additively and applied.[1][2] If the keystone passive Chaos Inoculation is allocated, this modifier provides virtually no benefit since the player's maximum life is overwritten to 1.[3] Presence of Chayula can only be obtained by using a Blessing of Chayula on Eye of Chayula.


+(10-16) to all Attributes

30% increased Rarity of Items found

+60% to Chaos Resistance

Cannot be Stunned

20% of Maximum Life Converted to Energy Shield

The dreamer stirs, the world trembles.

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