Marylene's Fallacy

Consider helping out the community effort of getting The Fall of Oriath content to the wiki. All edits are appreciated! See Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list and Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list/3.0.0 for an overview of things that need to be done. Marylene's Fallacy is a unique Lapis Amulet. Vendor: 10Alteration Shards and 5Alchemy Shards Marylene's Fallacy has legacy variants.


+(20-30) to Intelligence

+(80-120) to Accuracy Rating

+(210-240)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

+(80-100) to Evasion Rating

(10-15)% increased Light Radius

40% less Critical Strike Chance

Critical Strikes have Culling Strike

"Marylene stroked the medallion at her breast before every duel and every cast of the die." - Victario, the People's Poet

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