Eye of Chayula

Before adding content from the The Fall of Oriath beta to the wiki, please read the guidelines regarding upcoming content. Eye of ChayulaOnyx AmuletRequires Level 20+(10-16) to all Attributes20% reduced maximum Life30% increased Rarity of Items foundCannot be StunnedNever blinking, always watching.This item can be transformed with a Blessing of Chayula Eye of Chayula is a unique Onyx Amulet. Vendor: 5 Alteration Shards, 8 Alchemy Shards Eye of Chayula has a small chance of being sold by any level 8 forsaken master for 8 Chaos Orbs. In the Breach leagues, Eye of Chayula can be upgraded to Presence of Chayula by using a Blessing of Chayula. Upgrading an alternate artwork Eye of Chayula will not result in an alternate artwork Presence of Chayula (which does not exist). Eye of Chayula has a legacy variant.


+(10-16) to all Attributes

20% reduced maximum Life

30% increased Rarity of Items found

Cannot be Stunned

Never blinking, always watching.This item can be transformed with a Blessing of Chayula

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Hardcore Legacy


Popular Builds

ES CI Dual RF totems


[2.5] Morphyne's Arctic Breath Elementalist [SC/HC Viable]

[2.6] Cheap Non-crit Overloaded Fireball . Burns everything on the path (T16/Shaper viable)

[2.6] Legasi's Masterpiece - Trivialize Bossfights! Atziri & Uber Guide Inside! (HC viable) chaos conversion

[2.6] CI Ignite Flameblast by Waldgaist - very good starting Build and decent Shaper farmer

[2.6] Shaper down on budget 5-link - The Debuffing Pizza (Tri-Curse CI Elementalist Flameblast)

[2.5] BHC - Cheap Tanky! self cast Scorching Ray, Tri-curse 250k+ dps

[2.5] CI Scorching Ray Occultist Tri-curse

[2.5] Pure Chaos (CI BV Occultist Obliteration) Shaper & Uber Atziri

[2.5] ComeBack is Real - CI Quad Curse Kitava Occultist Blade Vortex Shaper Down w/ Video

[2.5] Occultist - Blight 195K DPS ES/EV/AA/FOR

[2.6] Essence Drain Progression - Life to CI to LL

[2.6] Zombie summoner - 6 Big Zombies

[2.5] Renewed Leary's Auramancer (Spectre, Golem or AW)(Great flexibility, ANY content!)

[2.5] LL Classic Summoner - Shaper/Guardian Farmer - Have T16 Spectres WHENEVER you want

[2.5] Plaguemancer || Beacon of Corruption Degen || Budget

[2.5] CI SRS Chaos Inoculation Summon Raging Spirit (Shaper Viable)

[2.5] 5 Flavors of Golems - Shaper, Uber Atziri and more!

[2.6] HC Kikazaru's Cursed Occultist--CI Soulmantle RF Totems Uber Iz and Atziri down

[2.6] Blade Flurry CI+Armour Necromancer - end game viable

[2.5] CI Hand of Wisdom Blade Flurry ✪ Easy 1,2k Int & T16

[2.6] The Fish's Dual Cospiri's Malice Occultist Build

[2.6] SRS LL Auramancer in-depth guide (Shaper, Über, and MF Viable)

[2.5] Chaos Fire Nova Mine Occultist, Insane damage, Shaper deletion w/video ~ Budget

[2.6] The Chaosfall - CI Bladefall cwc Blight/Wither

[2.6] CwC Crit Occultist ChaosStorm

[2.5] Blight CwC Poison Vortex

[2.5] Wither CwC Bladefall (MoM, Max Block, Semi-Summoner) [Low Budget/HC Viable]

Low Life Kinetic Blast Champion

Low-life RF Incinerate Inquisitor

Inquisitor templar arc mine

Crit Storm Call Inquisitor build

The Guardian Auromancer, party support build

Guardian "#1 Aurabot EU"™ no skill/brain/hands required

[2.5] BSC - The CI Hipster Blighter

[2.5] Low Life Essence Drain

[2.5] LL 26/20 Essence Drain Decay Bow build. Shaper/Uber Atziri/Anything farmer.

[2.6] SC/HC Essence Drain Progression - Life to CI to LL

[2.5] CI Crit Flameblast + Vaal Righteous Fire (Shaper viable! w/ video)

[2.6] Low Life Dual Void Battery Crit Arc [Deathless Shaper] [Boss 631k DPS] [Insane Clearspeed]

[2.5] CI Varunastra (Abyssus)

[2.5] The Retard Proof Clawsin - CI/Claw/LL/Off&Def Build

[2.6] Windz's Mortem Flurry Build (Shaper, Uber Atziri, Guardian, Uber Lab, Breachlord, BHC viable)

[2.5] CI Oro's Flicker Trickster

[2.6] Demi's The Fallen, CI Crit 2h Axe Bloison Lacerate Assassin

[2.4/5] The Critfall Trapper | Life/CI/LL | Insane 2M+ DPS (Uber / Uber Lab)

[2.5]Burn Everything

[2.5] The Imploder - Fire conversion CI Endgame, TOP DPS Sub 10s Minotaur-Hydra

[2.5][BHC] Windz's Malice CoC Vortex

[2.5] CWC bladefall (crit + poison) CI

[2.5] CI CWC Chaos FireStorm (Crit ver) - Easy Uber Atziri/Guardian/Shaper farm (Budget Available)

[2.6] Occultist-Pathfinder LL/CI CRIT EK