Carcass Jack

Consider helping out the community effort of getting The Fall of Oriath content to the wiki. All edits are appreciated! See Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list and Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list/3.0.0 for an overview of things that need to be done. Carcass Jack is a unique Varnished Coat. Carcass Jack was created by supporter carkasjak.[citation needed] Carcass Jack has a legacy variant. Alt Art Alt Art Alt Art Back


3% reduced Movement Speed

(120-150)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield

+(50-70) to maximum Life

+(9-12)% to all Elemental Resistance|Elemental Resistances

20% increased Area of Effect of Area Skill|Skills

(40-50)% increased Area Damage

Extra gore

"...The discomfort shown by the others is amusing, but nonecan deny that my work has made quite the splash..."- Maligaro's Journal

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Hardcore Harbinger






Popular Builds

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[Lighty] 2H RT Cyclone

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Maroh Erqi Earthquake Marauder

Chieftan: Earthquake Tank

I'm the juggernaut B*TCH! - Tanky 8 Endurance charges Earthquake build

c9q9md's Abyssal Cry Berserker WORM DETONATOR

Baelrog's Abyssal Cry Berserker

Dual Curse CoC Cyclone Trypanon/Scolds Bridle Juggernaut

Cast on Hit Juggernaut

COCserker Panon Wielding Vaal Pact

HiltLess CWDT Berserker Build. Hit Yourself, destroy the enemy!

Wildstrike Berserker Build Guide

[2.2] Pathfinder Budget / Lightning Arrow / 100% pierce / Crit / Infractem

[2.3] Caustic Arrow Solo Map MFer (20/300+)

[2.3] DEADEYE Caustic Arrow DPS-focused 5-6k+ life Atziri Killer (40k+ DPS)

[2.2] How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!

[2.2] Blade Vortex FLASK MASTER. 88% All Res, 75/75 Block, 500-800k DPS, INSTANT LEECH

[2.2] Fairgraves' Drinking Vortex Pathfinder (Tanky BV with good dps)

[2.3 UPDATED] #1 Pathfinder PHC - Blade Vortex flask build. Uber atziri video. Easy lvling

Sky Goddess of the Vortex -- My Take On A Top End Pathfinder (CI) -- video of Death/Taxes exploding.

[3.0] Freezer Burn - AB AoF MoM EO, Cheap, Fun, Screw the Meta

[3.0] Balance - A CwC Frostbolt EE MoM VP guide

[3.0] 3-Curse Self-Cast Flameblast

[3.0] Spellomancer, Facetank 95%, clear 99.9% of the game with ease, Max Block.

[3.0] BRO, DO YOU EVEN SUMMON? Skeleton Baron crit Dark Pact

[3.0] Lolth, Lady of Chaos (Caustic Arrow Hybrid Life/ES)

[3.0] The Azure Knight (Flurry/Frost Blades/Multi-class/Budget/Crit/Life/Conversion) Shaper/Uber

How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!

Shakk's Cyclone Build. A story about a man and his fists.

The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist

The Iron Reave - Crit Duel Wield Block Iron Reflex Reaver

King's "Immortal Reaver"

block Reave Gladiator with Bleeding

Grocery's Fortified Caustic Arrow Duelist!

Explosive Arrow - Champion Build Guide


"Wraeclast Janitor" : 2 Handed Mace Sweep


The Bloodsplosion Gladiator "Spectral Blow"

Rive - Frenzy Explosions

Blade Vortex MoM Gladiator

"Blender Rebirth" : Dual Wielding Axe / Sword Lacerate

Sovyn's Lazy Pally

Thunder God of the North - Crit Storm Call Inquisitor Build

Storm Call - a different approach vol.2 ft. Inquisitor

Crit Storm Call Inquisitor build

Storm Call Inquisitor

Loate's Bullet Hell Heaven build AKA Malachai's Revenge AKA The Funpocalypse

PoH / MoM / Aylardex / Mindspriral Hierophant Cold Snap Build

Shock Nova/Storm Call crit Inquisitor

Shock-Nova Non-Crit, Dual or tripple Auto-Curse, Inquisitor

PSC- Crit Ice Nova Charger/ Flame Surge Inquisitor

The Hierophant that sucks

Inquisitor/Elementalist's Ice Nova SHATTER Crit Build!

Cheap Beginners Crit Shockwave Totem Build

patwtfs Quad Hierophant Stormcall totems

Inquisitor Shockwave Totem

Inquisitor Crit Ball lightning Totem build ------ Heralds of Obelisk

The CoC Slam - Groundslam AoE Cast on Crit

Drunk Templar - Cast on Drink Build

Inquisitor Crit Grenadier (Trap) build

[2.5] Death's Kiss, an Essence Drain/Contagion full build and leveling guide

[2.5] Classic Crit Autoherald Bomber (Lake/mid-map farming)

[2.6] Viper Strike / Blade Flurry

[2.5] Xoph's Ice Shot Burn Prolif

[2.5] Fire Nova Mine (cheap)

[2.6] What a Shocking Tri-Element Crit Trapper! [Fire/Ice/Shock Nova Trap build]

[2.5] [SC/HC] Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn [77-158 less cold res]

[2.6] The Unethical Ice Trapper - chaos conversion

[2.6] The wubwub ice trapper - Life based, 5k+ HP - Eva - Tons Of Damage

[2.4] Pure Righteous Fire | Fast Clear Speed/Very Tanky | HC/Atziri Viable

[2.4 Video Guide] Righteous Fire, Vaal Molten Shell Build Guide (Large AoE) [Atziri & HC/SC Viable]

[2.6] Pure Righteous Fire, very detailed

[2.4] Grocery's Caustic Arrow Scion! HC Viable!

[2.4] Tibasu's Versatile Iceshot [SC/HC Viable][Budget Friendly]