Belt of the Deceiver

Consider helping out the community effort of getting The Fall of Oriath content to the wiki. All edits are appreciated! See Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list and Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list/3.0.0 for an overview of things that need to be done. Belt of the Deceiver is a unique Heavy Belt. Vendor: 13 Alteration Shards, 14 Alchemy Shards The (span class="text-color -magic")You take 30% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes(/span) modifier on Belt of the Deceiver stacks with the (span class="text-color -magic")You take 20% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes(/span) modifier on Indomitable. The unique modifier (span class="text-color -magic")Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes(/span) on The Brass Dome renders Belt of the Deceiver redundant. Nearby enemies are Intimidated. This range is approximately 25 unit. Belt of the Deceiver has a legacy variant. In-game graphic effect while worn The following changes cannot be obtained by rerolling the item's mods with a Divine Orb:


+(25-35) to Strength

(15-25)% increased Physical Damage

You take 30% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes

+(30-40) to maximum Life

+(10-15)% to all Elemental Resistance|Elemental Resistances

Nearby Enemies are Intimidated

In battle, virtue matters not. Only victory.

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